When the shoe doesn’t fit.

We know, we know. Yes, the idiom  <<if the shoe fits>> means a whole different thing. So please indulge us, and allow us to use the idiom in a completely different sense, as if it were "another pair of shoes". So, for some of us it may be that there are no shoes that fit at all, and we end up needing shoes designed ad hoc for our non canonical feet. And for shoes we mean everything that defines a person in the eyes of their peers. So, if your persona doesn't fit, whether physically or mentally, it means that there is no place for you in society?

Indeed, one of the most important and famous drawings in the world is Leonardo's Vitruvian Man, in which Leonardo explores the geometrical perfection within the human body, inspired by the ideas of Roman architect Marcus Vitruvius. There is no agreement among scholars regarding what specifically Leonardo's Vitruvian man represents. Was he expressing the ideas of harmony, perfection and order of Vitruvius? Does Leonardo want to represent mankind (or to be precise, men in particular) as the divine measurement reference for everything? Or was he just exploring what the ideal body measurements should be?

We Otters do not know. But what we do know is that nowadays we can finally discuss openly, without risking the skin, that human beings, as all of the living and non living organisms on this planet, are unique. And even if there is high uniformity among the organisms of the same order, still variation is the rule. And there is no way a fixed set of shoes would fit everybody. You can be pretty sure that the first specimens of the genus Homo that started experimenting with bipedalism were viewed suspiciously by the other members of their group.

We hope you enjoy our version of the Vitruvian Man, or shall we say, Vitrotter. Because we Otter Sisters, we refuse to be boxed within the official lines